Sexual Relationship: 3 Things Every Parent Must Teach their Teens

In a bid to be identified, to feel among or belong, teens engage in a lot of events which they term adventurous without knowing the full implication of what they are engaging in. In this ‘mega world’ we are in now, teens need to be taught and guided most especially by their first point of contact in life – parents – on issues relating to their well being.

Part of their well being is for parents to ensure they teach their teens about sexual relationship. Gone were the days of our mothers when sexual relationship is only allowed among adult. Even the adult that engage in sexual relationship without been married then, do hide and seek until they are married. But nowadays, sexual activities are been portrayed as norms on media, internet, advert to mention the least which everyone can partake in without regard to age or maturity.

Study have showed that teens would love to have more information mainly about emotion-related topics from their parents. Due to this, the following are what parent must teach their teens about sexual relationship:

  1. Teach them about ‘LOVE’

Till eternity will cease to exist, the word ‘love’ will keep echoing in human ears – love your neighbour, love yourself, love your parent, teachers, classmate, friends among others. As teens grow, they love different things at different times for different reasons. Like Ayomide Adedoyin says “my first love was food. I love food while growing up”. That was his first  love when he was still  a teen which shows that anything you like so much, you love that thing.

Parent must teach their teens about the difference between love and infatuation. According to Mrs. Ibikunle Hamzat, love takes time to grow, to nature and to yield good fruits while infatuation is sharp, quick and short. Most time teens feel they are ‘in love’ not knowing it just infatuation that will show fade away.

That is why parent must always reassure their teens about their unconditional love for them which is greater than any other other love they might be feeling. Having this kind of love and support is very important for teens, as it helps them build healthy relationships with other people.

  1. Teach them about ‘RELATIONSHIP’

Click to listen to the audio on teens relationship

  1. Teach them about ‘DATING’

This is where the bonding stage starts to take place. Teens engage in one form of physical touching to another.  Mololuwa Oyatomi who is also a teen believes that teens should not engage in dating which lead to sexual relationship because we (the teens) are not ready to bear the consequences.

Dating comes with a lot of responsibilities which the teens are not ready for because it is beyond them. It affects them physically and mentally. Several studies have showed that dating among teens affect their psychological well being especially when the relationship turn out bad which is always the case most time as sexually experience teens reported the feeling of regret over premature sexual intercourse.

Paref dating at an early age which lead to sexual relationship and in turn lead to teenage pregnancy, infections (Sexually Transmitted Infections, STIs), abortion among others.

And finally parent must ensure they are their teen’s friend. Parent should not be too rigid neither too flexible in their dealings with their teens instead they must be smart. When parent are too rigid, Olamilekan Omotayo, a teacher says “the teens feel like they have been deprived of their right. So when they have small chance, their body will move quickly because they are strange to it. But the ones who are allowed to mixed but were trainee of parent must have heard a tip or more about sexual relationship.

Parent must instruct and educate their teens on the implication of staying together in a room with the opposite sex for too long and touching of body parts” he added.


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