Don’t play safe by sitting on defence on issues you can be actively involved in. I have come to discover that we the youths run away from politics, we always sit on defence by criticising the government, not wanting to participate fully in the political games. I remembered then in school, we had a debate themed “Are the Youth fully ready for Leadership Roles”. There were argument to and fro about the subject, each backing up his defend with facts. The fact still remains we are ready and we are not ready. Why? Some youths are ready to take on a political role for selfish interest while others are ready to make Nigerian a better place for all. The equation is not balance about accepting the responsibilities that come with being a leader; just as we have seen some our leaders discharge their responsibilities inefficiently.

 Again, I remembered 2010 – election campaign. An ex-chairman of my local government had a meeting with some youths to starting a youth association. An association that will ensure check and balances on the government – especially that of our local government – if they fail to discharge their duty as expected. I was happy I was part of a movement that will help my community develop. But it was a shame at the end of the entire event. First, the female youths refused to turn up – I was the only female in the association and I became the Secretary. Secondly, the ex-chairman appointed his son as the President of the association: a son that lacks leadership ability. This is another problem with some of our leaders selecting people who are not capable all in the name of narcissism. Secondly, we were used for electioneering. The man ensures we all register at one polling unit and vote. After the voting day, the man did not made any attempt to call us back to continuing from where we stopped. We, the youth also, never made any attempt to continue the association for the sake of the progress our community. At the end of it all, we show we are not ready politically to step up our game by been involved.

 Some of us were bitter about the turnout of event while others were angry that the man did not give them any money – they believed the man was paid to ensure the youth in his community voted. Different strokes for different people. Up till date, no youth association has arisen or is arising in the community.

 A friend of mine once told me he wants to be a president. I laughed and asked him why. He said because he believes he can lead. Then I ask him, how many impact have you made in your neighbourhood, school or anywhere you are to show you can lead. There was no response but he insisted he believed he can lead. Now, that is the problem. The youth must not just believe they can lead, they are intelligent or they are capable. They must be involved politically to know the pro and con of the game. To know what needs to be adjusted, improved and removed. To make their voice count on issues that concerns their community. We sit comfortably participating in the critics of our leaders instead of us to step up our game by joining them to wipe them out. We are the leaders of tomorrow; not by been critics of the government only but by been the government itself. Let make the word of our elders come to pass as the leaders of tomorrow by stepping up our game politically.



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