“Everywhere I go nowadays; people are asking when I am going to get married. I never pay attention to it as people can be funny a times. All things seem well until one early morning my mum started insulting me asking me when I will get marry. All your mate are getting married and having kids. If you have a problem, tell me so we can find solution to it. I was shocked and wept like never before” a girl of sixteen year narrated her experience.

When old things that seem new are in vogue, everyone wants to be part of it without minding the outcome – negative or positive. Tattooing of the body was in vogue and almost everyone went with the style. Aso ebi became a symbol of a good party and almost every occasion must have aso ebi or else people will start asking you ‘e mu aso ni’ (you didn’t take a particular cloth) as if it is a must.

All the above consequences are minimal compare to being married. Just like Pastor Ighodalo says in a seminar “marriage is not the end”. Nowadays, we think getting married will be an end to all our misfortune and provide many opportunities than we have ever came across. Marriage is a process, a beginning of a new whole life and a study that has no end until death. Why do we pressurize people to get married that everything will be ok after that. Do you start planting today and it germinates the next day. I don’t understand.

To the parents who pressurise their teens to get married especially the girl child is because they refuse to understand that the trending of marriages here and there is not right. Some parent just love to party, they want to invite their friends to the wedding or show off to some that good things is happening in their family. They ignore the fact to educate and ask if both parties are fully ready to be married – if both parties are ready to be responsible. They forget that what is not right can never be right no matter how presentable it is.

Girl child education is very important for the society. We are not given birth to just to end up in a man’s house and reproduce. The society, culture and religion should allow the girl child shine, be her best and explore in all excellence to her satisfaction – not telling her because she is a woman she must do these, not that. Limitation and restriction of the girl child brings havoc to the society just like the saying “educate the girl child, educate the nation”.





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