Most often I try as much as possible not to contribute in religious matter because when one speak, especially in the midst of different religious beliefs, the other party tend to feel one is defending her religion. And like I always say “don’t make me feel your religion is more superior to mine” when the argument is getting tense about which religion will allow you make heaven at the later end.

Now to the issue of the Osun state school dress code brouhaha, the prevalence of that is due to religion intolerance for every religion has its dressing code which is now being display in the classroom. If actually we have come to tolerate each other religion and understand it, then there won’t be more chaos about religion in Nigeria. But no, we pretend to love each other externally but on the inside, we don’t really want to have a close relationship per se. When we understand and accept each religion ways of life, then the Osun state dressing to school won’t be a problem in the first place.

Having read so many social media comment on the issue, am not sighting out point on who is at fault in the first place and who is not. We should learn to tolerate each other no matter where he/she is coming from. Nobody knows who is pious except God. When we tolerate each other, we will accept the person the way he is.


Christians should tolerate Muslim and Muslim should tolerate Christian, then there will be love as it is being preach in the both houses of God.

My question to you my reader is why can’t we be tolerant of religious belief?


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