What are the full names of G2Jay?

Oyediji Gideon aka Giddy and Victor Johnny aka Jayswag which we merge to form G2Jay

What kind of music do you do?

G2Jay would like their music to be classified under the genre “rhythm and roofs” simply because of the way we build our content around Nigerian indigenous culture with rythms that is pleasant to the ear.

What inspire the song Komaroll and Kowopata?

Komaroll was inspired by the desire to portray the richness of the Nigerian indigenous language through popular music and a love story line. Kowopata is a Yoruba phrase that literary mean “pantless”. Kowopata is a club party jam and the lyrics of the song depict these facts.

What message do you have for your fans?

We love and appreciate everyone that has supported us all the way here. God bless you and that we are limitless with your unfailing love and support. Our fan should like our page on facebook (www.facebook.com/g2jayfanz) follow us twitter @gswag360 to stay updated about G2Jay

Now download “rhythm and roof music genre”,  Kowopata and Komaroll.Click on the link below to download







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