The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. – Martin Luther King, Jr.
by Suliat Ojo

The first point of contact a child has is with his parent – they are his first point of call as he grows in the world. Parents are to monitor their children from their first day in life till at least age 18. An adage say “no matter how old a child is, he is still a child to his parent” meaning that parent will always be parent.

It’s a pity that parent lacks adequate education to educate their children. They live their children education only to the teachers’ thereby mistaken schooling with education. Schooling is going to school to learn from textbook, lectures, handout etc and at the end you take test and examination to prove you understand what you have learnt. Education on the other hand encompasses learning through various means e.g. school, training, role model, experience, upbringing, exposure, peer group, media, parent, community, etc the list is endless; which shape and mode us to who we want to be in life. Education gives meaning to one’s life – it never stops – and that is why Jeff Rich say ‘if you think education is expensive try ignorance’. Schooling is an important part of education and not education itself per se. I was on bus one day and a discussion ensue about the Biafra riot, one of the men say “we have illiterate educational system in Nigeria”. I asked him how and he said those sponsoring and mentoring the people to fight for Biafra all went to school, some even have Master Degree, but yet they are agitating for war. Are they literate or illiterate? I leave you to judge.

Some parents have failed to educate their child in the right way thereby creating nuisance in the society. ‘Train up a child the way he should go, and he will never desist from it’. But how can parent train their children when they are passing the same kind of education they received from their parent to their children failing to understand the complexity of being. For instance, if your parent is the one that know how to curse, abuse and lacks respect then the children too will follow suit thinking its normal and if the habit is not let go, they transfer it to their own children also when they become parent. Same also goes to if your parent is discipline, shows respect and well behave, the children will also follow the footprint and transfer same to their own children when the time comes. Most children go to school to receive education but at home what kind of education are their parents giving them to make it show they are educated.

We are 80% of our upbringing. The other 20% is the accumulation of our own self education. So when you become a parent discard some and use some of the parenting education you received from your parent to give your children adequate education.



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