by Suliat Ojo

Children are our world. They make us laugh and smile. When they are sick, we became worried and sad. We nature them and watch them grow. We are amaze by their attitude a times and discipline them when they misbehave.

Children have free spirit. They love you more especially if you always buy them goodies or their request. They forgive easily, express their mind, smile and cry with you. Children are most time happy no matter the condition. If my baby sister is asking for something big, I always reply her with ‘you don’t know how the economy is now’ instead of her to stop asking, she waits a while and ask again, then I realize she is still a child. Children don’t understand the economy yet; they just want their request to meet. Children hearts are pure and free from anger. Beat them and they will cry, tell them sorry and they will smile.

“The happiest we have ever being is being a child” Taiwo says. We are happy as children. No matter the weather, condition, and situation we are always happy. We fight with our friends and mummy will warn us not to play with them again but we still go back to playing. We are just children and we knew not the meaning of quarreling. “Adult should celebrate children’s day also to unleash their inner child” Taiwo added.


“I am happy I stay at home or go to Amusement park or zoo but am not happy am no longer a child. I have to embrace life myself, do things myself and still go to work on children’s day” Francis narrated. I smile and reply “oh, know more children’s day holiday for you”. These shows as a child we love holidays, like going for funfair like Amusement Park where we can have lot of funs. Our uncles, aunties give us money, provide for our need and care for us. “All that has gone for am no longer a child” Francis concluded.



Though, every childhood should be wonderful, full of fun and memorable events; but sometimes some children experience an ‘I don’t want to remember’ childhood event. “I don’t have anything memorable about my childhood” Tayo says. As a child, when the bad event is more than or significant than the happy moments, we tend to grow and want to forget all about it. But we can’t run away from the reality of ‘when I was a child’. It’s a story that if we never say it, we will always remember and be sad about. This is why children are vulnerable and should not go through traumatic stress or pain when growing up.

As for me, I love children; I advocate on their behalf with their parent, I engage them in educational activities. So am always celebrating children’s day. When I get home tonight, I and my children are going to celebrate children’s day. I wish to host a children’s day funfair one May 27th and once am able to achieve that, it will continue for as long as I live.




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