By Suliat Ojo

The ideology of average Nigerian about prisoners and prison is like that is the end of life. Some are even of the opinion that death is better than the shame of being an inmate. “a prison is no longer a place of stiffen punishment but a punitive place, so do not feel pity for us for we are learning” one of the inmate says.

As an act of sharing and showing love, Knowledge Share crew paid a visit to Ikoyi prison yesterday with provision to make the prisoners too celebrate and feel love. Entering the prison gate, we were introduce to three inmates who doesn’t look like one because they look well – no traces of being a prisoner as we see in movies or our thought of how they should look like.

Ikoyi Prison

“Back then at home, life was miserable, but in here, I appreciate life and God works” say another inmate. He added that he has learned a lot since his arrival in prison which has make him a better person.

They also disclose that some of their inmates are in the National Open University studying various courses.

The inmates however, indulge knowledge share to preach against stigmatization by the people outside. “As you can see, we are doing well and ok. Nothing is wrong with us” one of them says.


The high point of the visitation was that we were being counsel – not about ways of avoiding being in prison but on the different journey of life that is sometime necessary to shape one’s life – and that really inspire and change our perspective about prisoners. However, on a departing note, one of the inmates said “Don’t toy with your freedom outside”

On behalf of the crew, Mr. Oyediji Gideon, CEO of Knowledge Share, urges them to continue to be steadfast in what they learn when they get out.


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